BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus: The New Benefits for Australian Ecommerce Stores

BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus: The New Benefits for Australian Ecommerce Stores

Instead of focusing on the ultimate BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus battle, let’s see what the new benefits for Australian ecommerce stores are! Let the best platform win!

Did you know that Australia has one of the highest adoption rates of ecommerce solution Shopify? Yes, Australian ecommerce business owners see and understand the benefits that this and other ecommerce platforms are bringing.

You can forget about designing an online store from scratch, now that you have the best ecommerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce at your disposal.

Instead of comparing BigCommerce and Shopify Plus, we’ve decided to inform you about the new benefits for Australian ecommerce stores.

BigCommerce & Shopify Plus Announcements

A set of interesting product features was presented from the Shopify team, from hardware, technical, and transactions aspect. One of the most interesting additions for Australian merchants is related to multiple inventory locations, multi-currency payments, new promotion structures, and localized payment methods.

    • Multiple inventory locations: The ability for Shopify to store a single inventory value has been a disadvantage for larger retailers. The new functionality allows for an inventory of up to 6 locations to be included for Shopify Plus clients.
    • Multi-currency payments: The theme of the multi-currency payments is – grow locally by acting locally. Shopify has a built-in geolocation feature that automatically detects and selects the local payment currency. This significantly eliminates an important point when purchasing internationally and delivering customers with a greater sense of shopping confidence.

  • Promotion structures: The promotion structures improve the average order value. For example, you can use Buy X and get the second product for free. You can also specify multiple or single products or collections such as – buy any product and get 50% off pants and shirts.
  • Localized payment methods: Most businesses and retailers in Australia are oriented towards credit card payments for online transactions. Around the world, different countries have different payment methods. The Shopify platform is focusing on extending the most popular payment methods to all Shopify Plus customers. You can count on more inclusive payment methods for international customers, increased international conversion rates, and selecting the best payment method (based on customer’s location).

BigCommerce on the other side connects you with all leading payment providers in Australia. The platform allows you to use all payment methods that are preferred by Australians. Some of the major payment gateways offered are Afterpay,, MIGS, NMI, Payment Express Pos, Pin Payments, Secure Pay, Square, Stripe, WorldPay, and more.

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